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Poster: Luxomedia Date: Feb 21, 2007 10:40am
Forum: sflan Subject: Nodes in Western Addition

I'm interested in getting some nodes up in the Western Addition. Anyone else? Maybe we can help each other out. (Since there's no email replies here on the contact us link) There's 2 possible rooftops I have access along the Divisadero area, on either side of Geary.

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Poster: smillis Date: Feb 21, 2007 3:37pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Nodes in Western Addition

I am also interested. I am at the Northwest edge of the Western Addition. On Sutter and Lyon.

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Poster: Luxomedia Date: Mar 7, 2007 9:40pm
Forum: sflan Subject: Re: Nodes in Western Addition

Here is the information I found out from Ralf (thank you!)

From where I am, I can't connect to the LAN because I am not in the line-of-site of another node. I would have to have a broadband connection to tunnel the wireless traffic back to the SFLAN datacenters. Broadband averages at 50 bucks a month. To install the node costs about $1,100.

Well, alas, this is beyond my budget. I would like to know how wide an area the node will cover, then I can see if anyone in my vicinity is interested to help pitch in with installation / subscription costs.

This information is provided so anyone else in Western Addition wh might be interested can do this. IF so, contact Ralf at